by Geoffrey Gordon
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From June 1998 Publication

Originally, I had planned to do two other articles but in my meditations, I've been getting it quite clearly that this series of articles on alternative healing is the most appropriate and the most needed at this time. So, I dedicate this series of articles to all those in search of alternative and natural approaches to healing.

Let me state that I am writing these articles to inform and educate instead of advocating one approach over another. I may occasionally recommend highly a particular therapy for a particular condition but this is only a personal and general recommendation and may not be suitable for your particular circumstances. I have the highest regard for modern medical approaches but believe that less invasive and less toxic approaches should be explored before long-term drug therapy or an invasive technique as surgery are resorted to. In my opinion, these should be the last resort instead of alternative approaches. Alas, though, most people find alternative approaches only after modern medical approaches have failed--making it more difficult to resolve a challenge.

Alternative approaches tend to revolve around the person as a total being--spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. It seeks to discover the real "cause" of dis-ease and systematically eradicate them by making changes that affect the four realms. This is what I call the "top-down" approach. Modern medicine sees the person as units or separate systems that operate independently of each other and when put together make up the whole system. Notice the different specialties of physicians (internist, dermatologist, ophthalmologist, etc.) who limit their practice to a certain area of the body--never realizing that the cause of the eye problems may be coming from an overworked or toxic liver. This is what I refer to as the "bottom-up" approach. And finally, there is an approach that combines the best of both worlds and allows the physician to pick and choose from both realms and this is what is called "complementary" medicine.

During my healing journey, I was literally thrust into a whole new world I never knew existed without any real guidance or guide to help me understand this confusing "new field". Back in the late 70's, these new therapies were just evolving and very little information was available to the consumer. I felt very confused, overwhelmed and "in the dark" by this new field of healing. I became very fearful of this field because I felt like I was progressing by "trial and error" and I like things more structured. I learned valuable lessons because I learned to trust the Universe more and I learned that health is a combination of the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical realms, and for any healing program to produce favorable results, one must work on all four simultaneously so that the dis-ease process is boxed in and the causes that allowed it to flourish are diminished and/or terminated.

Now that I publish regularly, I receive many a call from a bewildered and confused reader searching for guidance as to where to turn. As I am not a physician, I cannot advise, prescribe, or advocate any one therapy over another. But as an educator, I can inform and educate and tell of my experiences with different therapies and share my knowledge of other therapies that are available.

So, this guide is dedicated to all those bewildered callers and anyone who is in search of healing without knowing what healing therapy options are available. Due to article restraints, the guide may omit some therapies but I have included what I perceive to be the most beneficial alternative healing therapies available today. Each description is followed by my personal comments when and only when I've had direct contact with the therapy. Hopefully, this guide will help "enlighten" all those who are "in the dark" on this intriguing but mystifying new field. If you decide to use any of these approaches, that is your choice. Use this guide to services that are available as just that--a guide. Accept responsibility for your choices.

Here then is Part 1 of my selected guide to alternative healing approaches A-Z.

***Acupressure--"Acupuncture without needles". A hands-on technique that is based on the ancient Oriental medical model of acupuncture. A practitioner determines where the vital energy force is blocked and which points need to be stimulated to move the energy and disperse dis-ease. Usually part of a shiatsu massage--but may be done alone. A wonderful easy way to move blocked energy. A good self-healing technique that you can learn and perform on yourself or others to alleviate a whole host of common ailments.

***Acupuncture--A form of health care developed in China. Sterilized hair-thin needles are inserted into certain points along the meridians to stimulate or disperse blocked energies. This stimulation can correct and balance the life energy and restore health. A wonderful way to strengthen and rebuild those with any ailment. I have found it particularly strengthening for those with weakened immune systems from candida, parasites,chronic fatigue syndrome, epstein-barr, etc.

***Alexander Technique--Consists of a series of sessions that teaches the individual to be aware of the structural integrity of the body and to move more efficiently to create the greatest possible amount of energy. The technique focuses on removing bodily distortions and has proven effective for digestive challenges, anxiety, depression, arthritis, rheumatism, etc.

***Aromatherapy--An ancient art where the practitioner uses one or a combination of essential oils and applies them to the skin and/or diffuses it into the room air. Each oil invokes a different response and addresses a specific challenge, organ, emotion, state of mind, etc. It can be combined with a form of psychotherapy, acupressure, massage, etc. I've totally enjoyed this technique and in the hands of a skilled practitioner it can lead to profound healing on all levels.

***Astrology--An ancient art that plots the position of the planets, moons, stars, etc, to predict it's effects on a particular person's physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energies. If you know the exact time of your birth and locate a skilled astrologer; the chart that is created can be uncannily accurate.

***Ayurveda--"The knowledge of life and daily living". This science from India describes the three basic body types of vata, pitta, and kapha. Health is predicated on the notion that the elements of ether, air, earth, fire and water must be balanced according to one's body type. Practitioners look for the sources of dis-ease rather than at the symptoms and diagnose using pulses, the tongue, the eyes, ears, face, etc.

***Biofeedback--A simple method of monitoring the body's reactions to stress to provide immediate information to the client. The machine registers subtle changes in the client's physiology and through guided imagery and relaxation techniques the individual can learn to exert control over his/her reactions and learn to respond more effectively in stressful situations. I've had six sessions and highly recommend this technique for chronic pain, depression, anxiety, neuromuscular challenges, tension headaches, and similar ailments.

***Chiropractic--The assumption is that appropriate structure allows for the free flow of energy. Misalignments of the vertebra along the spinal cord interfere with nerves, muscle tissues, joints, glands, etc. and interfere with function and therefore the free flow of energy. The forced or gentle movements to correct these misalignments helps the body regain its structure and its function. I've experienced both chiropractic and network chiropractic and I prefer the gentler Network Chiropractic system.

***Colonic Care--Internal Hydrotherapy that removes impacted wastes and toxins from the large intestines and the colon. Colonics are recommended for candida, constipation, parasites, headaches, malabsorption syndrome and for general health. Colonics can be an important part of a holistic detoxification program. I've had a series of colonics and highly recommend this procedure if you have constant indigestion and a bowel that is producing putrefactive gases.

***Chelation Therapy--A medical treatment that removes toxic materials from the body through an intravenous injection therapy. A synthetic amino acid is used which binds to excess free radicals and flushes them out of the system. This therapy removes many toxic metals from the system and may prevent or halt the process that leads to debilitating and degenerative dis-eases.

***Craniosacral Therapy--A marvelous therapy. The connection between the cranium and the sacrum are the focus of this therapy. This technique balances the cerebrospinal fluid which affects the central nervous system and has wide reaching effects. I've had direct experience with this therapy and I highly recommend it for anybody with headaches, TMJ, myofascial challenges, and other ailments.

***Crystal Healing--In this practice, crystals and/or stones are worn or placed on the body to create an energy environment that fosters healing. Crystals raise the vibrational level of the body so that the body draws in more light and color. Crystal healing can be very dramatic when used appropriately.

***Ear Candling--A hollow cloth candle is inserted into the ear and then lit. The vacuum that results draws out excess ear wax, Candida, fungus, bacteria, viruses, etc. from the ears and sinuses leaving one feeling very clear. I've experienced this process and it works!!!

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Geoffrey Gordon, Diploma in Naturopathy, has been involved in healing for over 10 years. His personal experience with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, TMJ, Candida, and Hypoglycemia has taught him to approach dis-ease from the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects. He has facilitated healing circles and workshops throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Geoffrey can be reached at (201) 659-1613.

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