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Predictions: 1999
  by Tom Hopke

The most famous, and most often abused, system of astrology in India , is known as the BHRIGU, read from the book known as Bhrgu-samhita. I have heard from many different supposed sources of Bhrgu in India, which turned out to be only 30-50% accurate, and thus cannot be a divine source of knowledge. Bhrgu is actually a self-realized saint, an associate of God, who can see the past, present and future of the world and of every living entity. Since l988, I have been hearing from a Bhrgu source in India , and everything I've heard has turned out to be accurate and appropos for each client I brought there.

For those who care to hear the words of the sage Bhrgu, here is a translation on world events from the period of March 99 to March 2000--

"During this year, there will be a scarcity of water, losses of money, political instability and a decline of dharma. The money flow will be good for politicians and for people involved in illegal or underhanded activities. People in general will become more aggressive to gain in money, in business and by enacting fraud. There will be some scarcity and increased costs for things used daily by the people. Unemployment will increase, and there will be trouble from earthquake, pollution, strikes and other calamities."

Clinton's government will be in danger; politics in Russia and Pakistan will also be bad. In India, in the first six months of the year (late March-Sept. 99), especially in May-June, there will be struggles for the government. In Sri Lanka, the AIDMK will separate from the government.

(The following sentences are for India)..The BJP will stay in power . This will be an eventful year due to the Rahu/Saturn/Mars opposition. In the elections, some cabinet ministers will suffer major defeat. In some places, Vajpayee will suffer losses. UP is unstable. In Haryana, the first 6 months are very bad. In Punjab, till Ekadashi of Jyestha month, there will be many developments endangering the Chief Minister. There will be internal differences but they will resolve them amongst themselves. The Congress Party will be re-established. In the last six months (9-99 to 3-2000), the minister of Punjab will suffer badly. Himachal Pradesh will make progress; the government will enact programs for the benefit of many people; but there is danger in June.

There will be more terrorism in Pakistan, with some bombs falling on the border.

There will be natural calamities causing loss of life and property. This year there is a Khapar Yoga, which indicates earthquake, accidents, and floods, causing loss of money, and disturbing people and agriculture. There will be no change in the Jammu/Kashmir situation.

Until Shravan Purnima (end August), the present powers will struggle badly; if they make it through this time, they will last until next year. One powerful Indian leader will lose his seat and have sudden death. From Jyestha month to Bhadrapada (May-August), Vajpa will lose in Delhi, MP , Rajasthan, UP and Maharasthra.

For the USA, Gemini is powerful. Its lord is Budha (Mercury), which is debilitated with Jupiter and the Moon. As a result, the USA will try to dominate others by bad means. They will propose nuclear peace but are secretly manufacturing more nuclear weapons. Clinton will pressure India and Pakistan to sign this nuclear treaty. Pakistan will do so due to receiving financial support from USA, but India will refuse. Clinton's resultant sanctions against India will backfire against the USA.

Clinton's policies regarding these countries–India, Pak, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, Southern Europe in Muslim areas–these will face criticism, and he will pursue a two-faced or dual policy. He may face resignation this year.

In the USA, there will be floods, earthquake and extreme hot weather.

From Magha to Chaitra (January through March) of 2000, there is a kala-sarpa yoga. The Sat/Mars/Jupiter combination in Aries indicates possible wars in Muslim countries. There will be scarcity of food and water in the world, and troubles from fires and famine. Also, railway and air crashes result in multiple deaths. "

NOTE: Though the above suggests a difficult year for the world with an increase of adharma, there is no suggestion of world war or chaos due to Y2K. For the transcendental words of Bhrgu related to self-realization and devotion, please contact me. These are but a political excerpt for those like myself who are interested in such things.

Thanks for listening, Nalini

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