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The Moon's Nodes
Transiting Planets
Working With Elemental Deficiencies
                      by James A. Hamilton


The Moon's Nodes can be somewhat confusing to the beginning student of Astrology due to the contradictory interpretations that one encounters while studying the Nodes. It is therefore the purpose of this article to clear up any misconceptions surrounding the Nodes so that one may have a clearer view of the role they play in Astrology. First of all what are the Nodes? They are non-physical points in space where the Moon's orbit crosses the path of the ecliptic. There is a North Node and a South Node.

North Node- The North Node represents your karmic objectives in this lifetime. It is the future oriented node. It points the way towards soul growth and evolution. Your North Node natal sign colors your karma in this lifetime with the inherent energies of the sign. Blending the latter with its natal house position reveals the area of life that you must confront and focus on in this lifetime. Any Aspects to your N. Node must also then be addressed.

South Node- The South Node represents the karma you've accumulated from past reincarnations. This node is obviously oriented in the past. It is the author's opinion that blending the natal house, sign, and Aspects does not actually reveal a specific past life but rather a general pattern of karma that has or has not been dealt with effectively. This can be determined by the nature of its house,sign, and aspect interoperations.

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The transiting Planets are always affecting us whether we choose to be conscious of their influences or not. As they pass through the succeeding houses and signs, they make aspects to other transiting and natal Planets. When a transiting Planet squares or opposes a personal natal Planet: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, & Saturn then the effects usually manifest on a noticeable level. The outer Planets: Uranus, Neptune, & Pluto often serve as catalysts for change. They actually serve to ignite your personal natal Planets by aspect and their effects may linger for quite some time.

Rather than viewing Astrology in a passive manner (the Planets affect me and I am helpless to their influences) Instead try taking an active approach (The transiting Planets are affecting me but it is my responsibility to provide the appropriate outlets for these energies otherwise I am at their mercy) There are no preordained outcomes for transiting influences...they manifest in accordance to pre-existing environmental circumstances which are within your power to control. Like water running off of a tabletop Planetary energies will seek the easiest least resistant path to conduct their influences. Therefore you need to create appropriate free flowing outlets for these energies. By familiarizing yourself with the Planets and any aspects involved you can consciously find ways to use their energies in a constructive manner. If you do not take this approach then the Universe will do so in its own manner.

An analogy would be that the child's room needs to be cleaned. Here the Planetary forces are likened to the realization that the room needs tidying up by the mother. The mother tells the child either you clean it up now and organize your room the way you want it or I will clean it in the manner I see fit. I may throw things out that you wish to keep for my interests are in a clean room not to take into consideration your personal wishes. The child can either use this energy constructively resulting in an organized familiar environment or he/she may allow a higher power to take over and arrange their environment.

If you give the Planetary energies a place to go and you are open to new experiences then you will find yourself living in accordance with the Universe most harmoniously. Here is an example...an adverse Neptune Pluto aspect may cause an individual to delve into drugs, unhealthy sex, and somewhat negative situations. If this person does not actively seek an alternative path for these energies this may very well be the result if other natal chart factors point towards this disposition. Instead of this unsavory path the individual could seek their spirituality during this transit. They could transform their lives and the perception of their lives through altered states of consciousness induced by meditation. Like nuclear power this transit could destroy a nation or instead be used to fuel to power a nation.

Take a close look at the transits you are under...are you finding appropriate outlets for these energies? If you do not like the way in which they are manifesting then find an alternative outlet as indicated by the houses, signs, & aspects involved. By doing so you will discover your symbiotic role in the Universe...happiness thus follows!


I'd like to take a moment to discuss elemental deficiencies within natal charts. A person lacking the presence of Planets in a particular element will need to establish practical methods in order to balance the element in question. An example of a deficiency would be:

Earth 1
Air 4
Fire 3
Water 4

The latter person is obviously Earth deficient which is represented by the element with the least Planetary emphasis. The following info offers useful techniques for incorporating a deficient element into your current lifestyle. The idea is to seek out what you do not inherently possess either independently or in the company of someone who does possess the deficient element.


EARTH work with the Earth; gardening, camping, landscaping, stargazing, keep indoor plants, eat root vegetables, rebudget your finances, build something with your hands, wear brown

AIR work with the mind; read more, communicate your ideas, surf the Internet, write about your experiences, keep a journal watch The Discovery Channel, talk on the phone, wear yellow

FIRE work with action; exercise, martial arts, initiate activities, jog, take walks, play with children, compete, dance, display impulsiveness, burn cinnamon candles, wear red

WATER work with emotions; sort out your feelings, cry, express your emotions, display affection, hug, work with psychic energies, meditate, go swimming, drink more water, wear blue

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