The Grand Cross and Solar Eclipse of August 11th, 1999
  by Wendy Munro
Spirit of Life

A celestial event of great significance will take place on the 11th August, 1999. It has been termed the most potent planetary event for 2000 years. A total solar eclipse will occur, the last one for the 20th Century, with the Sun/Moon conjuncting to form a grand square (creating considerable tension) with Mars, Saturn and Uranus. The Sun and Moon conjunction in Leo opposes Uranus in Aquarius. Mars in Scorpio opposes Saturn in Taurus. All planets square (are at 90 degrees to) each other.

This pattern is known as a Grand Cross. It is remarkable because it forms a fixed cross in the signs of Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio. These are described in the Biblical Book of Revelation as the Four Beasts of the Apocalypse.

At the same time Mercury in Leo opposes Neptune in Aquarius. They both square Jupiter in Taurus. This is a fixed T-Square. A total of 8 out of 10 planets are in fixed signs. This fantastic total solar eclipse will be visible to millions of people. The path begins in the North Atlantic about 1,200 kilometres east of New York and makes first landfall at the Isles of Scilly off the south western coast of England and passes over Plymouth before crossing the English Channel and reaching the European continent in Normandy.

The shadow then passes through southern Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany, Austria, Hungary, northern Yugoslavia (Serbia) and Romania. In Romania, the point of greatest eclipse will occur, when the axis of the Moon's shadow comes closest to Earth's centre. The shadow continues to the Black Sea and the coast of northern Turkey, before touching the north eastern area of Syria, northern Iraq and the whole breadth of Iran; completing its swath, the eclipse travels through southern Pakistan and central India before ending just offshore in the Bay of Bengal.

The entire shadow darkens North Africa, China, the U.S.S.R. all of Europe, Canada and the north eastern part of the United States. It is accepted wisdom that eclipses have special potency when they are total rather than partial, and work their strongest in the countries where they are visible. The eclipse will be visible in northern Europe, especially Britain and France.

The total astrological chart at that time indicates a period of great significance for humanity. This eclipse belongs to Saros Series 1 North, which began with an eclipse at the North Pole on 4 January 1639.

The path of this eclipse is similar to the one that occurred when Mohammed was born. The Islamic nations will probably be affected with the possibility that the USA and Islam will clash.

What does it all mean? This is an archetypal chart of massive and fundamental change. Some astrologers call it an earthquake chart. It indicates a major cataclysmic event that will transform values. Sources of stability break and fall apart. There is an overthrow of old political structures, and a rebirth of a new order. There is a possibility of a global financial meltdown and a massive redistribution of wealth that accompanies a new financial system. Whatever is going to happen, the chart indicates it will attract international recognition.


We are now approaching that threshold whereby humanity takes that giant step forward. As awakened Light Beings, it is important that we recognise the significance of releasing old ideas of Global destruction and see the deeper meanings that were inferred by those older prophecies. Predictions of the end of the world may be reinterpreted in light of present day awareness as meaning the end of the world as we know it.

We have been given the gifts of the four sacred symbols, representing the tools of the magician, that of the earth or pentacle (Taurus), water or cup (Scorpio), air or sword (Aquarius), fire or wand (Leo). As magicians we are here to perform magic. It is our challenge to honour our calling and become co-creators of a new world. At this time of fiery new beginnings we are to become conscious dreamers and create our own idea of heaven on earth.

We may see war, terrorism, tragedy, loss of life, biological and/or nuclear threats, diseases, earthquakes and other natural disasters, and the breakdown of the whole social system. These are reminders of the breakdown of the world as we know it, and are opportunities for each of us to put in place a whole new world that is in harmony with the coming age.

It is important to see the eclipse as a turning point as we begin to realign with the Elemental Kingdoms and work together to heal the body of the earth. Our association with the Angelic realms is also becoming clearer. We are claiming our Divine Birthright to become Stewards of the Earth. We have agreed to take our rightful place in the hierarchy of beings and it is toward that end we are being called. Anything that is not in harmony with the higher order is being brought to our attention and we are being asked to transmute the negative into positive.

It is important to remember that Lazaris has called this "the Year of Oneness". Out of the paradox of separation we are at last discovering union. When we join together in a consciousness of Pure Love and invoke the Light of Christ as One Voice, One Breath, One Heart and One Mind, we affirm our ONENESS with All/That/Is and accelerate the process toward that union.


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