The Sixth Chakra
- Pituitary Gland
  by Wendy Munro
Spirit of Life

The sixth centre is the Pituitary gland or the psychic intuitive centre. It is situated in the centre of the forehead though the gland is in the centre of the brain.

This chakra is often called the Mind of Christ Centre and when it is opened it enables seership, clairvoyance or prophecy. This centre allows you to know when other people are thinking about you. It also enables the gift of prophecy and remembrance of past lives. Visions can be experienced with dreams of precognition.

When this centre is kept active and the energy from the base chakra rises up to meet the incoming energy from the higher spiritual realms, this centre provides the mystery of eternal youth. The ancient Egyptians understood the principles of immortality and they taught the ways to maintain health and vitality in the temples beautiful.

The higher centres or chakras have multiple tasks and when all of the centres are open and functioning in harmony remarkable abilities can be achieved. The third eye or pituitary gland addresses the eyes, ears, the temporal lobes, and the frontal lobes. These also influence other portions of the brain and cause them to respond in remarkable ways. The ability to dream, to visualise, to imagine, creates changes within the chemistry of your brain. This in turn develops the psychic senses. Meditations using creative visualisation, colour, sound, and fragrance, can assist the brain to open up various pathways that have been dormant for many life times. All of the traditional psychic senses or ESP's are included in the descriptions of this centre.

Along with the thyroid gland, this chakra enables the person to speak in tongues or to channel. With the assistance of the Pineal gland, the three together can provide very powerful sources of information so that the person can speak with words that enlighten, heal and transform. The spoken word when aligned with the awakened third eye will always shed more light on a situation.

On the other hand, a person who is closed in their thinking, refuses to see the truth, will not allow themselves to look to the future or even deal with the present, has closed down. They may develop a tumour on the brain or pituitary gland, have a stroke (go on strike) or experience some type of disorder to their eyes or ears.

Eyes and ears register when people are not willing to see or hear rightly. They are either short sighted, narrow minded, lack vision, or won't listen. It is important in these situations to work on overcoming fear. Often there has been some time of extreme suffering or persecution like experiences that have caused the person to close down in their particular way. With assistance and willingness, major changes can occur in the area of healing.

This centre also enables communication with your Higher Self or the Christ within. With communion with the Higher Self comes wisdom and discernment. Guidance, direction and encouragement are provided in all areas of life.

The colour associated with this centre is Indigo, which is a majestic purple.


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