Bigfoot Sighting Reports
From the Bigfoot Field Researchers' Organization
  By Matt Moneymaker and Dawn Harrack

The following bigfoot reports from Montana, USA (1980) Washington, USA (1996) have been added to the BFRO database since 4-1-99.

The reports were handled by researchers:

Matt Moneymaker -- CA, USA
Dawn Harrack -- BC, Canada

Posted to the BFRO List :

Date: April 25, 1999


Submitted by (confidential) on Wednesday, March 31, 1999.

DATE: Spring of early 1980's, sometime after dark.

LOCATION: The "event" took place appx. 40 miles south of Great Falls, MT. in the Dearborn River area, about 12 miles back in the woods, on upper Saw Mill creek.

OBSERVED: During the night, horrible smells were noticed. The smells were shortly accompanied by strange, very loud "warbling" noises, which circled the cabin where 4 friends were spending the night. One person, my aunt, taped these sounds on a portable tape recorder. These sounds were never sent to be analyzed.

ENVIRONMENT: Dense forest accessable only by snowmobile in the winter, 4X4 the rest of the year. Small mountains making up the front range of the Rocky Mtns. Dry, not many deciduous trees, mainly conifers. Small creeks nearby. About 5000' elevation. the nearest inhabited property is about 3 miles away.

ALSO NOTICED: None that I have heard of.

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS(ES): The four people who smelled/heard the...whatever, were settling down for the night, some already asleep. In this area, there is no electricity, no phones, no running water. No alcohol or drugs were taken by any of the witnesses prior to the event. Nor has my aunt ever taken drugs, and hasn't drank for many years.


Submitted by (confidential) on Saturday 3, 1999.

DATE: The first week of November

LOCATION: Country: U.S.A.
State: Washington
County: Yakima

Location: North slope of Divide Ridge, South of Rimrock lake, north of Strobach Springs at the "headwaters" of Short and Dirty Creek. Approximate elevation 2000 ft. Conditions: Early November 1996, 18 in. of snow about 4-5 in. of fresh.Cold, about 25 degrees, no wind.

OBSERVED: I will begin by saying that I am an avid extreme hunter and outdoorsman as is my companion on this trip. We have hunted together for many years through all sorts of terrain and conditions, and have developed a certain uncanny sense for eachother and the mountain. Normally I would not entertain writing this, but I have again been awaken by the re-occuring dream/nightmare of this mis-adventure.

The incident began after some brutal unsuccessful elk hunting on the Bethal Ridge above the Oak creek. We are both local and know the mountain better than most. We decided to head over to the Cowiche were I had tagged a nice young bull the year before. The area supports a fair local herd and is extremely rugged. We had access to an area through a friend that owned some property and lived a very primitive lifestyle up there. Frank is his name and being a little eccentric his tales of bigfoot and not being caught on Divide ridge after dark were scoffed at by myself and hunting partner Justin. Anyway, we headed straight up the ridge in my hunting rig in late afternoon to pitch camp.

We encountered three other rigs coming back down as the sun was setting. They were driving at a high rate of speed. I new one of the guys, he's a logger up there, and he stopped to warn us of the Divide Ridge after dark deal. I said thanks, see ya, and he proceeded back down the mountain, fast. Justin commented about being a bunch of wimps.

We found a fair sight to spend the night. As some weather was coming in, we picked the heavily wooded very dense north slope to put out our bedrolls. The place had an eerie feel to it and I dismissed it as being in my head.We were gathering wood by flashlight for a fire when we both stopped and simultanously looked at eachother. "You smell that?" "Yeh, it's probably a couger kill". A very strong rancid odor, not like rotting meat decay, just a putrid smell.

We got a fire going and I put on a pot of venison chili. Justin started building the fire bigger and bigger. This was uncommon for him. I asked him. He stated "something ain't right up hear tonight" and I said I agree. We both know fear feeds on fear and dismissed it at that. Then we heard the first whistle/howl.

The first one was distant and we could here clearly due to no wind and the cold. When elk call eachother, people not familier with wapiti can mis-interpret these calls as whistles. This was no elk. Justin got out his cow elk call and responded with a short set of chirps. I got out my Weatherby and .44 Magnum. Something was not right. There was no initial response to Justin's cow calls. I put some more wood on the fire.

Then came the second shrill howl, in the creek bottom right below us. It was loud and like nothing else we have ever heard and believe me when I tell you we have hunted every manner of "known" species in these mountains. My hair was literally standing on end. Justin said "we're outta here right now, cover me, I'm pitching camp". He started packing tarps and gear while I sat listening and watching, heavily armed. Justin is one of the most fearless men I have ever met. He was white with fear.

Next thing we heard was feet walking in the snow, very loud crunching. Justin just about knocked me over getting to my rifle. The scarey part is, we have crashed enough hooved ungulates through the woods to know the sound of four legs crunching snow. This was very deliberate walking, not crashing or running. I screamed out that we were locked and loaded and who ever is out there to come into the light, hoping someone would. The crunching snow stopped.

Now both Justin and I are very seasoned and responsible hunters and probably the last ones to shoot at noises in the dark, but this had gone far beyond that.There was something standing out there in the dark, large and not scared of us, which for any manner of "known" species in our mountains is unusual.

This silent standoff went on for about two minutes. We could see nothing outside the light of the fire and lanterns. Now mind you this creature was close enough that we could hear it walking in the snow, so we knew it was still there, but there was no smell. I called out one more time and we fired one shot from my pistol into the air. Then all hell broke lose.

There was a loud short grunt and running feet crunching in the snow, and we started firing reloading and firing. We did not stop shooting till we were loaded and well on our way.

After a harrowing drive off the mountain at night in the snow, which I do not reccommend to even experienced drivers, we made it back to the my ranch. My wife took one look at us and knew something was truely wrong. Justin refused to talk the whole drive off the mountain. And to this day refuses to talk about it. I have no desire to go back up Divide Ridge to investigate. It is 3:00 A.M. and I'm am writing this after I was awaken again by this same incident.

I am still an avid hunter, but I stick to Bethal Ridge. Make no mistake, this incident has changed my perspective. I would encourage anyone interested in this to spend some time on Divide Ridge, good luck.

ENVIRONMENT: Location already stated above. The flora was thick north slope Tamarack and Douglas Fir.Longitude and Latitude are easily found given the location provided above.

ALSO NOTICED: One thing that is curious, did the sound of my hunting buddy blowing the Wapiti cow call attract something, and why was it not afraid of human voices or the fire. It was obviously afraid of gunfire.

Another thing I forgot to mention is the flashlights were in the truck, outside of our fire/lantern light when this occured, and neither one of us thought about retrieving them to illuminate whatever it was.


The following bigfoot reports from Wisconsin, USA (1999) Indiana, USA (1998) have been added to the BFRO database since 4-1-99

The reports were handled by researchers:

Matt Moneymaker -- CA, USA
Dawn Harrack -- BC, Canada


Submitted by (Confidential) Sunday, March 28, 1999.

DATE: Approximately mid to late Feb 99

LOCATION: Marinette county, WI. Approximately 15-20 miles NNW of Crivitz.

OBSERVED: My brother-in-law found and tracked in both directions a set of bipedal tracks in the snow. Photographs were taken and show that the creature was very heavy, and had an extremly long stride. These tracks could not have been faked, due to the depth of the tracks and the stride. Many of the pictures show a wooden 3 foot yardstick lying in comparison to the tracks.

The tracks originated from a swampy area up a gradual rise in elevation, then thru several hundred yards of mature hardwood forest. At one point the tracks came within 20 yards of his parents cabin. The average stride was 5-61/2 feet, and in some instances much greater. Several photos were taken with a mans Sorel boot print aside to illustrate the extreme difference in depth and size to that of a mans.

ENVIRONMENT: Tracks originated out of a swampy area, thru a hardwood forest, then across a rural road where they were lost due to plowing of the road. Also noted the tracks always steered clear of open areas, preferring thick stands of trees.

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS(ES): Tracks were first seen while outside near garage.


Submitted by confidential on Sunday, April 11.

DATE: Early March 1998

LOCATION: United States of America/Indiana/near Bedford south of Brown County in the Hoosier National Forest.

OBSERVED: While backpacking near the horse trails and access point in the county below Brown County I Experienced a confrontation with a bipedal primate. It was early March of 1998 and I was alone. Around seven oclock in the evening after hiking several miles I set up camp in a wooded area about 100 yds. from the horse trail.

Darkness was descending quickly so I was In a rush to set up camp and prepare my supper. After gathering firewood and getting my fire started for light and cooking I suddenly began hearing leaves and brush rustling below me and to the east along a ravine that I camped above. At that moment I thought to myself that it was a bit early for mushroom hunters and probably to dark for them to see any. Perhaps its a deer?

Anyway, I grabbed my knife for protection and grabbed the flashlight cautiosly approached the ravine where the noises were coming from. I yelled out in the direction of the sounds and aimed my flashlight and to my astonishment viewed a very tall upright human looking being hiding behind a clump of trees close to the stream. The creature stood about seven feet tall as I could see his silleutte from the left side of the trees. He was leaning forward and exposing his head to view me. He or it was approximately 40 feet from my position and the light from my flashlight shined into its eyes I could see that he had dark hair covering his Conical shaped head and dark eyes in the front of his skull. I knew immediately that this couldnt be a man.

I was very frightened and yelled out again in hopes of scaring him off. He ran into the stream and away from me about 6 feet befor duking behind another tree. I continued to follow him with my flashlight and screaming at him with threats. This went on for 2 or 3 minutes before he took off running down the creek out of sight.

The rest of the night I stayed awake near my camp fire fearing a return visit and waiting for daylight to return to my truck. I would of packed out that night only my truck was in the direction that the hairy biped fleed. And I was miles in.This entire situation was very frightening to me because I always thought that if Bigfoot existed it would be in the Cascades or the Canadian Rockies.

ENVIRONMENT: Hilly desciduos forest, few connifers, sandstone and bedrock bluffs, exposed clay creek bed.

ALSO NOTICED: At first light I examined the site where the biped was near the stream andbesides some turned over leaves I saw no prints. And the stream appeared normal.

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS(ES): Cooking a porksteak on a stick over my campfire.


The following bigfoot reports from Idaho, USA (1982 or 1983) Missouri, USA (1986) have been added to the BFRO database since 4-1-99

The reports were handled by researchers:

Matt Moneymaker -- CA, USA
Dawn Harrack -- BC, Canada


Submitted by: (Confidential) on Sunday, March 28, 1999.

DATE: Early 80's. Either late august or early september 1982 or 1983 at the opening of archery season.

LOCATION: Elk Valley in Bear Lake Co. east of Montpelier, Idaho near Wyoming. Specifically at some beaver ponds called "The Bloody Bucket".

OBSERVED: Several friends and myself were camping near Elk Valley with our dads at our annual bow camp. One morning we started our hunt at the top of a thick area of timber. I had never been in this area before, but my instructions were to make way through the forest and walk straight downhill. After awhile, I was expected to breakout into a clearing where here will be a saddle with a few rocky knolls which would drain into some ponds at the bottom. This entire area is known as the "Bloody Bucket", for what reason I wasn't sure and I didn't ask!

The hunt was planned out that my friends and I would slowly walk down through this are hoping to scare out a mule deer or a bull elk and having the big game cross the path of another hunter in our party. We were spread out so far apart that we couldn't see or hear each other.

As I made my way into the opening, everything was just as was described to me. I could see where I needed to end up and meet even though it was a ways away. I came out right in the middle of the opening and walked down to a rocky area, stopped to take a breather and looked around. All of the sudden down to my left about 100 yards away I saw what appeared to be 3 erect dark brown beings walking down a trail near the trees as if they were in a hurry. They were in order of height with the tallest leading the way, then a slightly smaller one followed by the smallest of the three which was trying hard to keep up with the other two.

As I took a deep breath to gather myself, to see if what I was experiencing was what I thought it was, the leader turned around and waved his/her arm in a manner as if to tell the smallest one to hurry up! They continued to speedwalk into the timber and faded away. I was very shocked, nervous and somewhat frightend. My heart was pounding and I just sat there in amazement for abut 15 minutes. I didn't go down to see if I could see any sign of what I just experienced. I just went down to the bottom like I was suppose to and didn't mention a word of it to anyone. I didn't think anyone would believe me anyway.

A few years went by and I met up with one of my friends that I was hunting with that day. I was relieved when he told me "Do you remember that year when we hunted the bloody bucket in elk valley? Well I've got something to tell you!" He went on to describe to a T what I saw that day. It turns out that he was just a little ahead of me and toh my right , in the trees about 75 yards. Neither one of us knew that we were so close to each other and witnessed the same thing. It would have been nice to have had someone to back me up. Eversince then I've told a few more people.

I also heard that that same summer there had been a sighting near Montpelier resivoir which is a few miles west of elk valley. It's ironic that the only time that I would probably experience something like and I didn't have a camera, camcorder or was too stunned to go check out the are and tell somebody about it. No sounds were heard, no real proof that this happened. Just my own word. I remember it like it was yesterday!

ENVIRONMENT: apsen, pines, clearing, ponds. approx 7000 ft elev. bloody bucket, elk valley, near Montpelier, Id.

ALSO NOTICED: heard of sightings near Montpelier resivior west of elk valley, that same summer/fall.

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS(ES): walking through the trees into the opening, hutning for mule deer and elk.


Submitted by J R (confidential) on Sunday, April 11, 1999.

DATE: June, 1986

LOCATION: On a gravel bank of the Little Niangua river between Climax Springs and Roach, in Camden County, Missouri.

OBSERVED: In June of 1986. my husband and I went for a two-day float on the Little Niangua between Climax Springs and Roach. We camped in a two man dome tent on a gravel bank where the river made a u shaped bend. On the far side was a dirt cliff from flood waters. The tent was hidden from view by underbrush.

At about two A.M., I was awakened by splashing in the river close to us. Afraid, I woke my husband up. I refused to let him go out to see what was there, I thought it was a bear. While we whispered about what to do, it must have heard us. It started to run in our direction. Whatever it was, it ran past our tent on TWO legs. It was large enough to shake the ground we were sitting on as it ran past us. After it was quiet for a while, we did go out to see if we could find anything. There were no prints that we could find in the gravel, but there was a very foul odor in the air.

ALSO NOTICED: Only the odor in the air. It smelled like an animal that was dirty and maybe soiled itself.

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS(ES): We were sleeping when I awoke to splashing in the river near us.

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