The Scientific Evidence
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Lab analysis studies have repeatedly found unexplained biophysical anaomalies in plant and soil samples taken from a large number of crop circle formations, including: swollen, stretched, burst or split nodes on plant stems in a manner similar to "microwave energy effects" (rapid intense internal heating of the plant stems), dehydrated / shrunken seeds and significant changes in seed germination and growth rate (either faster or slower than normal. In some cases, otherwise normal seed pods are found to be empty (no seed development at all). These effects are not reproduceable by conventional hoaxing methods (ie. boards, rope, feet, etc.), and have been found in simple circles as well as much more complex patterns. Test "hoax" circles made by researchers for comparison purposes and known man-made formations do not show these kinds of pronounced changes. A comprehensive preliminary report on these findings entitled "Anatomical Anomalies in Crop Formation Plants" was published in October 1994 by Dr. W. C. Levengood of Pinelandia Labs in Michigan and the BLT Research Team, in Physiologia Plantarum 92, a respected international scientific journal published in Denmark. Efforts are now being focused on being able to positively distinguish between man-made and "genuine" formations.

In 1998, several formations in England were found to contain dead flies adhered to the plant stalks, which were dehydrated as if they had been "baked", consistent with the involvement of some form of microwave-type energy. Smaller insects inside the seed pods were also dead. Flies and other insects outside of the formations were normal.

Further details of these and other findings as well as copies of lab reports and articles are available from CPR-Canada and BLT.

Blowup of barley stalk growth nodes

Blowup of barley stalk growth nodes from Logan, Utah, 1996,
showing expulsion cavities in the nodes
BLT Research Team

Control sample barley stalks showing normal growth nodes

Control sample barley stalks showing normal growth nodes
BLT Research Team

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