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Koch Fractal Crop Circle
"Koch Fractal", over 200 feet in diametre with 198 circles, which appeared
overnight next to Milk Hill in Wiltshire, England on August 8, 1997 -
the most intricate in a series of mathematical fractal patterns since 1991;
with incredible geometry and perfectly layered wheat "like flowing water",
it was one of about 100 formations in England alone in 1997
Ron Russell, CCCS Midwest Research Group

Since at least the early 1970's, unexplained "crop circles" have been appearing every year in crop fields around the world. Initially found in England, they have since appeared in many countries, predominately in Europe. Starting as a few simple small circles and rings, the phenomenon has evolved over the years into a wide variety of several thousand formations to date, including much larger and increasingly complex geometric and mathematical patterns, often ranging up to several hundred feet or more in size. Simpler circles and rings have also been reported year-round in grass / brush, snow, ice, sand and clay.

Mass hoaxing has become the standard accepted explanation, by most of the mainstream media as well as the public in general, despite the fact that recent new scientific evidence strongly indicates that hoaxing only accounts for a limited percentage of all reports. Plant and soil samples from many formations have repeatedly shown a variety of unexplained biophysical effects. Many other unusual anomalies and phenomena are also now commonly reported in association with the circles. In many formations, the crop is flattened in complex, flowing spirals and alternating layers, sometimes with elaborate "bird's nests" and other intricate features, with bent, but undamaged plant stalks. Most formations appear during the night, within a maximum time window of about four or five hours of complete darkness (during summer months in England). Many circles also appear during rainy, stormy or moonless nights. In a few cases, circles have been seem forming, a process which reportedly takes only a matter of seconds.

In southern England, which continues to be the focal point of activity, reports generally begin in late April or early May and continue until late August or early September. In North America, formations are reported from spring to late fall. In Canada, they have been reported across the country, the prairie provinces in particular.

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