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Many other anomalies are now commonly reported in association with the crop patterns, including small "balls of light" hovering or moving over fields, electromagnetic effects (ie. interference with or malfunction of cameras, videocameras, watches, radio / sound equipment and compasses), unexplained sounds and noises and a variety of physical sensations, including nausea and headaches. Infra-red photography has also shown increased heat signatures in the region of flattened crop in some formations.

The "balls of light", generally about two feet in size or less, have been witnessed on numerous occassions either just before a formation is found (in the same area) or moving above or inside existing formations. They have been filmed several times over the last few years and have also been seen in conjunction with unusual military activity (in 1998 for instance, one of these lights was observed and filmed being "chased" by a British army helicopter).

Unexplained "flashes" and "tubes" of light have also been reported.

Equipment failure inside formations is commonly reported; in many cases, battery packs (including new ones) will suddenly die inside circles and photo, video and sound equipment will stop operating inside formations, yet function normally again outside.

Other unusual and possibly related incidents include power failures in the vicinity of some circles and agitated (for no apparent reason) animals and pets.

Crop Circle Anomaly
Smoke-like photographic anomaly in Marion, NY, USA crop formation, 1997
Larry Thomas / BLT Research Team

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