The following article had been published by ( Ton Vanderleeden ) some three years ago in amateur packet radio for the first time.

Meanwhile it had already found follow-up in interesting developments by a German company, see .

Does anyone know of any other developments towards the Auric Screen in other parts of our world?


There is a fair chance that by the turn of the century a piece of equipment will be installed in hospitals whereby the human energy field, which itself is comparable in a certain sense to the magnetic field around a coil, will be made visible on a screen.

The energy field of a human being slowly turns around the body with the spine as a central axis, just like a magnetic field which is caused by moving electrons through a wire. When a person is healthy this turning, circulating motion is optimum forceful and there is a clear, harmonical and horizontal radiation of frequencies off this magnetic field.

When a person is ill disharmony occurs in the field, in other words there is a subdueing of vibrations, and certain areas in the field reveal themselves as dark spots being the result of a lack of horizontal radiation. Indeed when someone is ill the magnetic field behaves much like the branches of a weeping willow and next to horizontal radiation there is negative earthbound radiation consisting of curved and coloured lines as well. This gives to scientists and engineers, whose task it is to further develop this AURIC SCREEN, as perhaps it should be called, the required spatial coordinates of very faint vibrations which find themselves in the for the majority of people invisible spectrum just like ultra violette light. At first it may sound strange that the human body and all other life forms should have a magnetic field, however the earth has a magnetosphere and so does the human body.

Just like our planet the human body consists of metals and minerals of which is known that they are the bearers of magnetism. In this context we purposely overlook the large amounts of hydrogen which it also contains.

The earth has a magnetosphere and turns around its axis whereas a human being's energy field circulates around the body, that is more or less the same.

Everything in the cosmos consists of energy, so of vibrations and we are a vibrating particle in it, we are best aware of this by the way our senses work.

But also our cells are in constant vibration and therefore the physical body can best be compared to the largest pipe of a panflute whereas the subtler vibrations of the magnetic field can be compared to the smaller pipes of the same panflute.

In order now to stay healthy these pipes should be and stay in the right ratio to one another.

So as far as the above mentioned darker radiation is concerned we might say that something is the matter with a smaller pipe. This indicates that a human being has attracted too little cosmic energy into his energy field.

If nothing is done to restore this, then, at a later point in time, to stick to the metaphor, the largest pipe so the human body will get out of step. So when by the time this AURIC SCREEN will have been developed and subsequently certain aurical dark spots will have been pointed out, people will be able, for instance by prescribing a right diet, but especially by applying radiation treatment to certain weakened amplitudes of a subtler vibration area, to give these weakened amplitudes " a lift " by means of coloured light of the right frequency which will prevent that way that a shown threat to the future state of the body would eventually materialize. Yes indeed, weakness of the human aura precedes weakness of the human body. So this way even small future cancer cells will be shown in the surrounding energy field and they can be treated at a very early stage just by curing the weakened energy field.

If the physical body has yet been impaired the pursueing effect, the recovery will still remain within reach.

In some hospitals, for instance in Zaandam in The Netherlands, medical staff already work with coloured light as medication, for the time being especially in treatment of postnatal depressions of female patients.

The hospital of Alkmaar in The Netherlands, like so many hospitals these days, owns a magnificent apparatus with which three-dimensional images of for instance the brain are made.

Here we are dealing with the splendour of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging- technique, usually called MRI .

With the AURIC SCREEN of the near future people will do the same but additionally will also make the radiation patterns of that same brain visible.

That new equipment will be a blessing for mankind; doctors will simply place a patient in front of a wall, push a few buttons, and everything, life itself actually will be shown on the screen.

The whole development towards that direction is well underway already and the clue is contained in the fact that some molecules can radiate light. It is claimed by the below mentioned aurealogist Jelle Veeman in Heerenveen in The Netherlands that it will be made of transparent solidified LITHIUM with its molecular radiating properties and also in his Aura Medical Centre, like in Zaandam, some enlightened doctors already apply a unique light treatment according to the list below but obviously they are meanwhile doing so without an AURIC SCREEN but with the advantage of having someone around who actually sees the aurical energy phenomenon.

According to the aurealogist the future radiologists will be able to fine tune the screen's perception and thus the several thinner layers of the aurical spheres will be seperately shown on the screen. Here we should note that the so called Kirlian Photography only shows a very first layer.

As far as paranormal healers, who are truly no more than harmonising oscillators or energy suppliers to the weakened energy fields of their fellow human beings, we shall find that the grain will be sifted from the chaff. Their worth as well as the worth of the regular medical practitioners will be shown on the screen.

More appreciation and understanding will automatically follow for alternative but bona fide healers so the handshake between regular doctors and these energy healers will get even firmer than it is today.

The surprising thing is that even our human existence still relates to radio.

The developments in our radio hobby move so fast that the old fashioned image of the radio amateur will strongly fade away. Radio amateurs will come to the understanding that up to a certain moment they have limited themselves to a small part of the interest spectrum. Differently put they will be interested in many more things dealing with vibrations for radio-astronomy, cosmic radiation, nuclear energy and also radiology in hospitals belong to it, too. All this will surely mean that in the future medical practitioners by means of their training program are bound to aquire more knowledge of the resonance law.

People in general will less reason along merely material lines. We radio amateurs with our knowledge of that law and of the occult or in other words hidden force phenomenon of magnetism have in comparison to others the great advantage of faster gaining good comprehension about these matters.

As it still requires more time before this development of the AURIC SCREEN has taken place, as suspected by the turn of the century, we meanwhile hope that this tentative bit of science fiction will arouse the reader's thoughts in that direction.

We assume that at a later date the word " fiction " can be crossed out and exactly how much later just remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, exactly what colours are we talking about ? :

The Dutch aurealogist Jelle Veeman in Heerenveen, The Netherlands sees twelve spiralling coloured light glows around the physical body and they bend clockwise looking from above on the top of someone's head.

These twelve energy areas in the vertical plane refer to twelve main groups of the physical body.

1 ) Head and eyes:     Dark Red
2 ) Throat and ears:     Dark Blue
3 ) Lungs and upper side of chest and upper side of back:     Light Yellow
4 ) Diaphragm and area of the stomach and gall-bladder:     Light Green
5 ) Heart, aorta (main artery) and spinal column:     Orange-Yellow
6 ) Intestines, pancreas and adrenals:     Light Brown
7 ) Kidneys and their areas and lower vertebrae of the pelvis:     Light Blue
8 ) Sex organs, ovaries, urethra and prostate gland:     Bright Red
9 ) Hip bones, pelvis, hip joints and thighs:     Dark Yellow
10) Knees, joints and skin layers:     Dark Brown
11) Calves, ankles, nervous system of legs and blood vessels:     Light Violet
12) Feet, toes, heel sinews and nails:     Dark Green

So when healthy these colours are at their brightest and illnesses can be cured by " brushing up " these colours as explained above.

The aurealogist and a group of medical practitioners closely cooperate in their Aura Medical Centre in Heerenveen, The Netherlands where they are very succesful in treating their patients in the above unique way. More information can be obtained from :

Mr. Jelle Veeman / Aurealogist
Stationsstraat 4A
The Netherlands

by courtesy of Mr. Jelle Veeman and adapted for amateur radio use by PA3DNX in Bergen NH JO22IP BBS PI8MBQ


Further to the article on the Auric Screen it would make sense to elaborate on exactly how the so called paranormal phenomena work.

Although we know what to say about the subject and like to convey our views appropriately this is a hard task to accomplish in any language.

Yet we are going to make an effort and like to refer to our previous comment that life itself deals with radio and like to add that the pineal gland that we find above the spine and between the two hemispheres of the brain has a major function in these energy phenomena.

We claim that it serves as a natural superheterodyne mixer and like to show our thesis below.

Gland specialists or endocrinologists know much about glands and hormones but of some they know more than of others and they know the least about the pineal which additionally, contrary to other glands, consists of nerve tissue.

Recently a book by Barbara Ann Brennan, an aurealogist from New York, has been published by the Bantam Publishing Company which would be an asset reading for it adds to people's insight on health and illnesses and it should be a must for any MD but especially any endocrinologist to aquire a copy of this book since the relationship between the so called chakras and the glands in the physical body is so thoroughly shown and explained. Chakra is a Sanskrit word and it means " wheel of light ". The book's title is " Hands of Light, a Guide to Healing through the Human Energy Field ".

Apart from the nerves inside the spine which we referred to in the article " The Auric Screen " the body has nervous systems which run along the outside of the spine and lead to the periphery of the skin.

Those inside as well as outside the spine meet at the pineal gland. The nerves which lead to the periphery of the skin don't just end there but continue on on a subtle surrounding energy level in a first onion peel so to speak of the several (7) magnetic spheres that surround both the physical cells seperately as well as the totality of them, the physical body.

Indeed they continue on as the above mentioned chakras which are flower shaped energy/light bodies which like the aurical surrounds themselves constantly circulate and depending on health and mental development and in correlation to each other they circulate faster or slower which respectively means those " flowers " have opened more or less.

With babies they look like rose buds, buds anyway and therefore a baby's consciousness mostly remains in the realm of the magnetic spheres of our earth which are parallel and perpendicular to the surface of our earth and therefore some people will say " above us in Heaven ".

Knowing this we suddenly come to see the fondling expression " Rose Bud " to an inexperienced young person in a totally different perspective. Just like the aurical surrounds these chakras circulate faster, which implies higher vibrations, when health or mental state or spirituality is higher. In fact people's development in life only deals with one thing : the gradual and preferably smooth opening of these chakral flowers.

Now this whole phenomenal fact of life of auras and chakras boils down to the laws of electricity and magnetism of which is known that when a current of electrons travels through a wire there is a circulating magnetic field. Auras and chakras similarly circulate and the resonance law applies to them as well on a metaphysical level.

Of a car battery we know that chemical components create electricity and of the physical glands in the body we know they " syringe " certain liquid chemical matters into the blood stream and here we may see the comparison with electricity and subsequently with magnetism.

This makes the relationship between glands and chakras very obvious. The glands being on the physical plane, electricity, and the chakras and the aura being on the magnetic plane.

When glands are being activated chakras open up and vice versa, this insight is very important for endocrinologists and MDs in general to realize. When women get into their menopause, a period in which the hormonal systems temporarily get completely upset, they also have fluctuations in their chakral circulations.

This implies the line can be protracted to the aurical surrounds and they will experience weaker and stronger fluctuations of their magnetic fields. As explained in " The Auric Screen " weakness of the field reveils itself in the weeping willow behaviour of the aura and subsequent emotional unbalance may result.

On the other hand when the aura eventually settles into a different rhythm after a couple of years women often emerge stronger than ever before out of this for some of them troublesome period of life.

Many women in their late 40s and early 50s eventually get healthier and more paranormal due to the sped up circulations of their aura and chakras. With men it is a more gradual process.

Indeed the duality also leads to the resonance law which on the usual plane where we handle it, for instance in radio, means that we experience a material world and furthermore are vaguely aware of a second phenomenon called magnetism.

There is total equality of these forces but the seemingly forever expanding universe causes us to thoroughly experience only one aspect namely the material side of a metaphysical and physical resonance to be explained below.

If anything and everything in the cosmos is resonance then it stands to reason that our so called cosmic originator, the Big Bang, will eventually be followed up by a Big Crunch and a Cosmic Sine Wave will continue forever. Whenever a paranormal activity occurs with someone, be it healing through magnetism or " channeling " which is a common way of expressing mediumship and clairvoyance, the frequencies of the surrounding light bodies including those of the chakras are RAISED, that is a first axiom.

It is the very reason why the resonance law can be lifted to the higher plane of any of the aurical glows.

Another axiom says that next to this material world a SECOND all-encompassing WORLD exists ( anti-matter ) and the both of them resonate.

So an adaptation of the resonance law leads to the following metaphysical counterpart :

here Yin is our familiar, material world
here Yang is that second world
here 1 is the sensation of being " whole " and also SWR 1:1
here 2 of RMS indicates curvature of cosmos and micro-cosmos and Einsteins relativity theory saying that everything eventually returns to its old situation, a curved line also shows why few people are extremely talented and majorities live their lives less aware

This indicates that ALL is ENERGY = RESONANCE and since energy can change its appearance but can never be lost it is obvious that life of each and everyone of us can never be lost.

If we are entitled to say that our consciousnesses within the cosmos are energies too, then we may safely conclude that they can't be lost which means that Life on this resonating tight rope continues on forever with its Flowers of Life, which are of course the chakras, forever budding and wilting in an endless row in the course of not just one life but of many lives .

Now when you picture a river with in a more or less fixed spot an eddy or vortex and you see it streaming rapidly then this vortex circulates rapidly and less rapidly when the flow of the river diminishes and more rapidly when it increases.

Here we are comparing the circulating aura to the river and the chakras to those eddies.

In a radio receiver there is mostly always a so called oscillator or resonance maker ( a tiny transmitter ) and when you turn the big knob you actually turn the oscillator to a higher or lower pitch. Its frequency is combined with the actual " frequency on the air " to be received.

When combining two frequencies you mainly always get two end results. You will get the the sum of them, the + frequency, and the subtraction of them, the - frequency.

The " gate " frequency on the audio level always remains the same and we obviously need the - frequency when combining the very high " on the air " frequency with the less high frequency made in the radio receiver in order to end up at the fixed " gate " frequency on the low audio level.

So here it is by example :

let us assume : audio level : 5 ( 8-3 or 14-9 )
oscillator : 3 or 9
tuned in station : 8 or 14

People interested in radio usually know this of course but the major function of the pineal gland with its nerve substance as a peculiarity is along similar lines, for :

The nerves leading to the periphery of the skin and the chakras ( the eddies) compare to the radio station which is to be tuned in.

The nerves through the spine in combination with the aurical surrounds ( the river ) compare to the oscillator function.

The pineal gland as a place where signals merge compares to the superheterodyne mixer in a radio receiver.

To use computer language : in order to get through-put to the Central Processing Unit or our brain the signals of both types of nerves merge at the pineal gland. Its function is both receiving and transmitting so both ways.

A person can't do without a pineal gland, pea size small as it may be and only containing some sandlike grains it is of vital importance to Life. In fact it is the Point of Attachment for the consciousness-containing aurical surrounds.

Our consciousness constantly circulates in the aurical surrounds and is never in a fixed place and certainly not in that machine we call the brain. The brain only serves us a purpose, its cells in fact are chemically tunable antennas which resonate at certain consciousness-frequencies which arrive there " from outside ".

Therefore the British biologist Rupert Sheldrake is perfectly right in his research and writings about " morphogenetic fields " when he wants to show that groups of rats who had never been exposed to certain experiences before, where other rats had, would automatically react in a way the group which was seperated from them had learned to react.

According to aurealogist Jelle Veeman from Heerenveen in The Netherlands all people will become more conscious in the coming years.

As we all have a pineal gland we are all in principle paranormally gifted, some more than others may be, but he says the tiny organ is expanding and soon brain surgeons will note that the organ is getting bigger.

We all have a pineal and we all have an aura and information exchange can happen in similar ways as with coils in transformers.

Consider the magnetic fields around those coils and visualize this happening : your personal aurical frequency gets higher and you are able to draw information from another coil's magnetism, read aurical surrounds, into your own aura, then process it via your chakras which are your antennas and a picture of for instance streets in a far away place can be seen.

Referring to the above metaphysical resonance law we can see that when the aurical frequencies get higher and the 1 remains 1 there will be an unbalance of Yin x Yang.

This particular unbalance tears away bits of aurical information which are then drawn into the eddies, so into the chakras and are subsequently processed in the above described way.

As the cosmos constantly replenishes our energy levels via the aura and chakras this " tearing away " is no hardship.

For this replenishment to happen properly however the " flowers " have to open up.

Distances don't exist for these things to happen and the paranormal is actually quite normal.

All is energy and exchange of energy, we don't need to fear, trust however is our major key to understanding and happiness.

Here we have come to the end of this article and like to conclude with a final remark about our planet Earth which has its own magnetosphere which is its aura and the magnetic North and South Poles are two huge chakras.

By courtesy of Mr. Jelle Veeman and adapted for amateur radio use by PA3DNX in Bergen NH JO22IP BBS PI8MBQ

Copyright by Ton Vanderleeden, All rights in the above article are reserved.


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